The College Woman’s Club of Westfield was founded on April 2, 1917 with the mission of serving the general interests of the Westfield community and furthering the higher education of women.  Our fundraisers through the years have ranged from selling homemade cakes and candy in downtown Westfield, staging 26 biennial plays, and holding book sales and raffles, to the current format, a fundraiser luncheon featuring a guest speaker.

The first substantial bequest was given in 1963 by the late Frances Stiles.  Other gifts followed, including the Katharine Heywood Jaruzelski Memorial Scholarship Fund and the scholarship fund in memory of Ruth Houghton, herself a recipient of one of our early awards, which are still awarded today. This year, we are pleased to begin a new award in memory of Marge McCornack, a long-time CWC member.

While scholarships have been and continue to be our primary focus, the club has also been involved in community affairs.  We joined with the Woman’s Club of Westfield and the School Welfare Board in 1921 to elect the first woman to the Board of Education.  In 1940, we joined forces with the College Men’s Club to begin College Night at the high school.  Through the years, we have worked with the Westfield Adult School, on adult literacy programs at the library, and tutoring programs at the Westfield Community Center.  Many of our members also volunteer for the Junior League, the Westfield Service League, the Rescue Squad, and countless other organizations.  We are truly an amazing group of ladies!

Our 100th anniversary occurs in four years.  It will definitely be a reason to celebrate!